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Industrial Catering

2B International Kitchen has in-depth experience in catering for large volume industrial workforce with tight budgetary constraints. We are able to offer a wide and nutritious variety of international menus that will satisfy the most demanding needs, as we believe that a well fed workforce will in turn deliver efficient services of their own. We appreciate the diversity of requirements of each contract and our highly experienced team is skilled at designing a bespoke catering solution to comprehensively meet each client’s need. 2B International Kitchen recognizes the vital importance of Health and Safety (HSE) aspects in the industry and we are equipped with a modern and efficient system which is at par with international HSE standards.

Our 2 Centralized kitchens strategically located in Doha and Al Khor with a team of 150 committed staff providing 15000 meals per day. In the works is our soon to be completed brand new state of the art centralized kitchen in Industrial area with capacity of providing 75000 meals per day.

At 2B International Kitchen, we appreciate the enormity of time and economic constraints that Corporate Management and institutions are undergoing in ensuring the smooth operations. Our operations team works closely with the clients in order to compile and review suit-able menus on a regular basis in order to bring variety and most importantly to prevent menu fatigue. The quality and presentation of food are the key drivers when it comes to the service which we 2B International Kitchen deliver to its clients. Quality, commitment and service under pins our company’s vision and values no matter how small the contract is. If we provide a service… we provide to its best.